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Sheridan&Co is a global retail design agency with offices in London, New York and Shanghai. We work in partnership with our clients to create retail environments that influence the rate at which consumers engage with brands.

Whether you are looking for a beginning to end retail interior design solution, or a particular expertise from strategy, to design, to implementation, we design and deliver any retail environment, anywhere in the world.

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In an age where the retail industry is investing more in operating online alongside in-store, the overall customer retail experience can suffer. Here at Sheridan&Co we have taken it upon ourselves to change the way retailers present themselves to their customers by creating innovative retail design solutions. As a knowledgeable retail design agency with years of experience behind us, we understand the power that store design can have on consumer habits. From the earliest stages of retail design to more advanced retail design solutions, our dedicated team can expertly work with you to create the optimum store design strategy.

Our retail interior design team works with you to create a bespoke store solution, with every aspect from the initial brand strategy to the bespoke interior layout design being handled expertly. Our way of working concept management ability means that we are able to implement the very best and most successful store design solutions for your brand. Our retail design solutions involve taking care of and seeing you through every stage of the retail design process; from the research, design, development and project management stages, right through to the manufacture and installation. Here at Sheridan&Co, you can expect expert shop interior design to be implemented across any industry type, anywhere in the world.

The Power Of Shop Design And Retail Interior Design

It is unquestionable that effective retail interior design can have a far reaching impact on the success of a business. Through the help of a retail design agency like Sheridan&Co you will be able to correctly position your brand to stand out from competitors and see your brand engagement and sales increase as a result. The key to harvesting more sales is through utilising the expertise of a retail design agency such as ourselves to help improve your customers understanding with your products and brand as a whole. Shop design allows your products to tell a story and create a shopping experience that educates consumers about what you do in a way that makes your stock more inviting and accessible.

A retail store experience is important as it is the ultimate showcase of what your brand does and can go a long way in bridging the gap between the customer and the products you are offering. While the digital world is great for those wanting to make a quick purchase without the need to tangibly handle the product beforehand, an instore environment is able to both emotionally and physically connect a consumer with a product. Retail interior design is ideal when it comes to immersing customers in a brand experience and helps to bring the brand to life. Imagine being able to offer your customers an in-depth look into everything your brand offers and advocates? This is exactly what excellent store design can achieve and is something more retailers should consider investing in.

Creating a rich and dynamic customer experience is what we are passionate about and hope to promote through our work. The way that brands present themselves can really help to both position and re-position a brand in the eyes of their customers to offer a clearer vision of what the brand represents. Successful care and attention to the finer details of shop interior design can also significantly improve the morale of those working in the store and can go as far as improving staff retention rates and make employees more engaged with what they are selling. The cycle of success starts and ends with retail design!

Why Choose Us For Your Shop Interior Design And Store Design

Choosing the ideal retail design agency can be a challenge, which is why we have worked hard to ensure you make the right decision by selecting us to take care of all your shop interior design needs as well as tackling all of your in-store branding needs too. With a style of working that makes attention to detail a priority, you can put full confidence in us delivering a high-quality and tailored outcome. Here at Sheridan&Co we have a passion for creating and perfecting retail interior design that is both unique and optimised for success. Our talented team are guaranteed to have you covered, whether you are looking for pop-ups, retail concession displays, promotional displays, visual merchandising, point of sale and packaging/ identity assistance, too.

Having worked with a vast variety of brands and industries, our clients are assured a fantastic level of flexibility when it comes to dealing with a whole variety of products and shop spaces. Sheridan&Co have been delivering bespoke shop interior design and retail design solutions for companies from all over the world since 1983. Over the last few decades we have built brand new shop interiors from scratch, alongside renovating and updating existing shop design interiors. Our approach to retail design has always been to provide exemplary results, which is what our clients expect from us.

The power of successful retail interior design is a force to be reckoned with, so why not allow a member of our friendly team assist you or provide you any further information you may need about any of our services? Whether you are after a brand new, unique shop design or want to speak to an expert about rebranding, then give us a call on 0207 486 7499 or reach us on our contact page. We can’t wait to meet you…