We see ourselves as Brand Guardians so we work closely with our clients to find solutions to enhance the retail aspirations of their brands. Every brand is different so each one requires individual selling tactics. We also understand that because these brand differences exist there is no one solution that fits all.

Instead, we manage projects based on the personality of the brand but also on the psychology of shoppers. For example, we worked with the mens skincare range, LAB Series, to design their concessions. Male customers are hesitant about asking shop assistants for information on products such as skincare so we designed an interactive digital display unit they can use without having to ask for help. Our research shows this has been highly effective in boosting sales.

Studying consumer behaviour of how people shop and why they buy - is core to helping clients in assessing their retail strategy and brand positioning. Over the years we have amassed a huge data-bank of consumer shopping habits and this research feeds into the work we do. Our offices in London, New York and Shanghai are all situated close to city centres, giving us a birds eye view of the shoppers on the street.

We also have our own retail space - The Study in central London is where we experiment with the latest trends and test products with pop-up shops and other design concepts or host events. This unique set-up means we can test out new ideas for and - on behalf of clients - but also gives us direct insight into consumer reaction and our own first-hand experience of what it is likely to sell.