Image Source International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we sit down with Jules Sheridan to discuss #BeBoldForChange.

Q: Tell us about your thoughts behind #BeBoldForChange?

J: #beboldforchange could have been written on my birth certificate. It has unknowingly been my internal mantra, beating away and reminding me to defy or laugh.

Q: Could you elaborate on this further?

J: Being the middle of three daughters, and having given birth to two sons and a daughter, I would like to think I treat our three children equally, regardless of their sex. Two of my children cook really well.  My sons.

One is always tidying up and cleaning. This is my eldest son.
All three of them work hard and enjoy what they do; two within our business and the other one runs her own business.

The only ism I experienced as a child was sexism.  My father was a fairly classic male of his time – born between the two world wars and brought up my a mother who may or may not have contributed towards his male chauvinistic attitude towards my mother and my sisters.

This upbringing did not make me cower; it made me defiant and laugh.

Q: International Women’s Day celebrates the economic, cultural, political and social advancements and achievements of all women globally. One particular aim of the day is to accelerate gender parity. How does Sheridan&Co achieve this?

Our Current Head Office Directors are one male, three female. Our employment policy is that we search for the best applicant. This is based on the merit and content of their character, achievements and qualifications. Our career advancement policy?  Stick your head up, exceed expectations and act in a best for the whole business fashion.

Q: What is it like to work in retail?

J: Client wise we are extremely fortunate to work with the best bunch of clients you could ever meet.  Strong, sassy, knowledgeable and loving what they do – either, for instance, working behind one of the beautiful counters that we design, build and install into, perhaps a department store, often made up to show off beautifully the products they are wearing, or managing the brand at a high level – these people have a pre #pledgeforparity (WWD 2016 theme) approach and mind set. It makes us proud to work with likeminded people.

Q: How do you see the future being shaped by #BeBoldForChange?

Being in retail, and consequently these days, etail, before long I found myself at the shop. I spotted a t-shirt with a great slogan on it and thought I would buy one for each of my three children to wear, stating “this is what a feminist looks like”. I failed.  They only come in female sizes. The future will be genderless.