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Customers Crave Unusual Retail Experiences

Posted by Rebecca

Our competitive retail landscape means customers want more, they are now looking for something really unusual to catch their attention and more importantly keep it. Certain brands and small businesses have cleverly cottoned on to this and have successfully used … (read more)

Hepworth Shines At The Tate

Posted by Rebecca

On Tuesday evening we found ourselves hopping off the tube at Pimlico station and making our way towards The Tate Britain. We couldn’t wait to see the Barbara Hepworth exhibition, an English artist and sculptor whose work exemplifies Modernism and … (read more)

Bloggers Take Centre Stage In The Retail Show

Posted by Rebecca

Retail proves to be highly multi dimensional in today’s world, now mobile commerce, peer-to-peer referrals, group buying and many other terms such as blogging, have disrupted the way customers buy a product from a seller. Retailers can easily get lost … (read more)