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Michael and I started the day yesterday at BAFTA on Piccadilly, for the annual Fragrance Foundations Jasmine Awards, which is always a big treat.

The Jasmine Awards celebrate another area that is vital in it’s support of the Fragrance industry – journalism and visualisation. These journalists and creatives are so very specialised and the articles that are shown to us on the big screen really deserve their place there. I could sit there all day, in those comfortable seats, surrounded by the doyens of this wonderful industry, watching these beautiful articles being blown up for our delight. Now everyone can be a blogger or a photographer, these journalists and their training and background, must feel quite esoteric. What is not so rarified in this industry is the support and generosity that these journalists all seem to have for each other. Genuine applause from one of them to the others who won that time, and for that article, was shown. It is generally a very kind area to work in, with manners as beautiful as the fragrances all around.

We all have our favourite scents, and the evocative memories, that they bring with them to our lives. I am always hugely (and I thought exclusively) drawn to rose, and was very happy to be able to sit right behind Roja Dove and he smelt simply delicious, so I leant forward to ask him what scent he was wearing, and he told me it was his own Roja Haute Luxe which he always wears. On closer inspection of the listed ingredients as I write this blog, and am pleased to see Rose amongst them along with a couple of ingredients which I would have thought I did not like, and clearly do, so I cannot wait to get back into the perfume halls to try some more ideas for hunting the treasure of my dream perfume. I also do a parallel search for the perfect sparkling wine, but that is another story.

We are privileged to work with, some of them for many years, some beautiful fragrance distributors and brands, P&G, Coty, and Kenneth Green Associates, amongst them, and some wonderful retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, Debenhams and House of Fraser, and the comparatively pocket-sized treasure chest of fragrance delights, which is the Pulse of Perfumery in Knutsford, and I am pleased to say that the excitement of opening the sometimes-a-little-too-possesive cellophane, inspecting the branding, carefully opening the box, and detecting already the very faint escapee olfactory trace of what is contained inside the yet to be held bottle, is an excitement that has never left any of us at Sheridan&Co. We are currently working on packaging design for a fragrance that I have still not smelt, and I already have in my mind how it will smell, from the way it is being drawn, and from reading the pre-design strategy document that we the team have prepared.

Reading the list of ingredients on the box cannot alone translate the smell of the fragrance, which is why amazing journalists, such as Kim Parker, Emma Robe and Jan Masters, are so brilliant at almost taking us to the point where imagining how something can smell is almost physical, which brings me back to this morning, and the fact that Monday 21st March, 2016, is National Fragrance Day, and that the Fragrance Foundation have created a new site, which is building a community to share #ScentMemories. So now you can all have a go at your own fragrance journalism.

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This is an exciting stimulus to remind people of the importance of the sense of smell. Smell is the most evocative of all of the senses, and currently I am wandering through the Jardin Mystique, the wild enchanted garden, created by Friedemodin, which is magical especially considering I am writing this in an office block in central London. I can smell the early morning dew yet it is already mid afternoon. You see I have already started composing my own #ScentMemories.


This will give a boost to brands and retailers and the opportunity to engage with customers and advise how to make the most of fragrances, discover new products, for different occasions and start creating their scent wardrobe.

Please tweet @FragranceFDN_uk your #ScentMemories, or instagram @fragrancefoundation.

Reading these is going to be such a joy.