Cannes might be synonymous with A-list glamour but when delving a bit deeper one will discover a city rich in culture as well as possessing one of the loveliest marinas in France, which hosts many traditional sailing yachts as well as the high flying super yachts we are all fascinated by.

A true Riviera town, life in Cannes revolves around the harbor.From luxurious super yachts, to celebrity parties and festivals, Cannes is a place where luxury reigns but, one thing many might not know Cannes to be famous for is its amazing visual merchandising in the retail sector. This is truly VM at its best and is something that inspired us on our recent business trip to the lovely city.


As a famous touristic destination Cannes is also a great location for shopping.

Cannes is worldwide renowned for its shopping. The most prestigious brands are on display at the shops in Cannes. This Mecca of shopping includes also its own festival, which is Cannes Shopping Festival. It is the annual meeting of the notorious brands of fashion and the latest trends.

The flagship location for shopping is La Croisette. With the many hotels, this Boulevard is the signature of Cannes, and is also the location of the haute couture shops. Parallel to the Croisette the street of Antibes is more diversified, there are fashion boutiques, interior design shops, and tea salons. Between the Croisette and the street of Antibes, there is the “Carré d’Or” with jewelry shops and chic bars. Not very far, the street of Etats Unis also a deluxe place.


Cannes is a trendy destination not only for its well-known red carpets and famous film festival but for many other exciting elements too. Cannes is a holiday location desired by millions, but there is something about Cannes that makes it unique and we think it’s the glamour within the retail, boating and celebrity world mixed with the towns’ heritage and innate beauty. These combinations are unique and what make Cannes one of the most attractive and wonderful places to visit.