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Shop droppers shopping on the shop floor

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Craftivist Collective September entertains new creativities. The calendar month documents design directions taking shape and prompts intellectual attention and commentary as to how to use this to move forward in the world. Through the flurry and flux in … (read more)

The Flâneur – A Retail Guide To Paris

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Paris – a city renowned for café culture, fashion, romance and art. The city is one of architectural and aesthetic splendour. Sheridan&Co embarked upon a la flânerie in the city, which is French for a free-spirited stroll soaking up the … (read more)

What Home Means To Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

‘Sense of belonging’ is second on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is intrinsic to happiness and wellbeing. Post Brexit and Trump, refugee crisis, consumers feel divided and there is uncertainty surrounding what home means. In addition to this, millennials are … (read more)

Summer & Sport in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest As we welcome July, we are greeted by the promise of a month full of fitness with Wimbledon, The British Open and Tour De France. As exciting as that sounds, this month we are also celebrating nutrition … (read more)

The Future of Empathy in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image source LSN Global Confronted with civic discourse, a global trust crisis, the rise of populist politics and technology that makes our lives increasingly more isolated, the case for empathy has never been more immediate. Empathy enables people to have … (read more)

Locality Inspired Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Ben & Jerrys Ben & Jerrys shared their three-part mission to communicate a localised authentic brand experience in Europe at the Retail Expo. Speakers, Chris Sherriff and Pete Champion described how Ben and Jerry’s were confronted with the … (read more)

The Year of Retail Tech

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global According to Malcolm Gladwell, a tipping point is a ‘magical moment in which an idea or trend crosses a threshold. The social media or behaviour tips and spreads like wildfire. It is a moment of critical … (read more)

CEW Product Demonstration Evening

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest The Sheridan&Co team attended a highly anticipated beauty event last week, the CEW production demonstration evening. CEW is renowned for bringing together the freshest and finest brands, and the people behind them. The evening itself is centred … (read more)

London Fashion Week Pop Ups

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Selfridges Selfridges London Fashion Week started over the weekend. Whilst buyers, bloggers and fashion press have been racing around the capital in search for the latest styles, our weekend fashion agenda was to explore what is happening in … (read more)

Cocktails & Crackling Conversation with Bart Kaczanowicz (Part 1)

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Here at Sheridan&Co New York we have organised a series of events appropriately titled ‘Cocktails & Crackling Conversation’. These evenings present a unique opportunity for us to pick the brains of industry professionals and creative thinkers as well as delve … (read more)

How to apply creativity to the physical space

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Maxus Agency What is creativity today? How do we apply that to the physical space? These questions prompted a talk Michael Sheridan gave a couple of weeks ago for the Maxus Agency. So what does it mean to … (read more)

The Future Success of M&S Depends On More Than Just Its Fashion Line

Posted by Michael

Image Source Bluewater Get the M&S stores right and the customers will follow. Steve Rowe, the new boss of M&S, says his priority is to fix clothing and to make the chain store’s clothing “more fashionable.” Let me tell Mr Rowe … (read more)

What Makes Certain Brands ‘Top Of Mind’?

Posted by Rebecca

Countless luxury brands have created key features through brand identity to distinguish themselves apart from others and really entrench themselves into the minds of consumers. If one looks at brands such as Mercedes Benz or Louis Vuitton, each and everyone … (read more)


Posted by Cressida

Health foods sales are booming.  We’re becoming increasingly conscious of how nutrition is key to wellbeing, while most of us know someone with a food allergy of some kind.  In fact, the global health food market is rising at over … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

NEW BRANDING Sheridan&Co are proud to announce the unveiling of our new brand. For us, branding represents so much more than the coming together of a symbol, text and a colour scheme. It is the identification of a company’s existence, … (read more)