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What Home Means To Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

‘Sense of belonging’ is second on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is intrinsic to happiness and wellbeing. Post Brexit and Trump, refugee crisis, consumers feel divided and there is uncertainty surrounding what home means. In addition to this, millennials are … (read more)

The Future of Empathy in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image source LSN Global Confronted with civic discourse, a global trust crisis, the rise of populist politics and technology that makes our lives increasingly more isolated, the case for empathy has never been more immediate. Empathy enables people to have … (read more)

From the high street to online to flying cars

Posted by Michael

Image Source Selfridges It comes as no surprise to me that we have more brand and retail concept based projects on our books than at any other time. In Selfridges alone, we have recently installed new designs for Christian Louboutin … (read more)


Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest Millennials are coming of age. They are entering their peak years and as they grow older, they are having children. According to PR Newswire, 9000 daily are becoming parents. We have seen the proliferation of millennial targeted … (read more)

Why Retail Must Trade On What It Means To Be Human

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source SXSW Whilst we have been exploring the future of technology in retail, SXSW has helped shaped our analysis of how we believe brands can innovate in the future. SXSW is an annual film, music and technology festival that … (read more)

Commoditising Culture in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: The Barbican Culture is now paramount when driving sales and brand engagement within retail experiences. With a democratisation of travel, the rise of consumer tribes such as the sixth continent, coupled with the accessibility of social media, the … (read more)

New York, New York

Posted by Michael

Overseas visits are an opportunity for us to check out different retail landscapes and see what is new. I’ve chosen to mention five very different stores as I believe their diversification demonstrates how we can think differently about what shops … (read more)

NYC Art – Autumn Favourites

Posted by admin

Whilst we embrace the changing seasons and breathe in the crisp autumn air, it is an ideal time to grab a sweater, put coffee in hand and head down to NYC’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood to indulge in some bold and … (read more)

The Jewellery Store of 2025

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest At the start of September, Michael Sheridan attended an event at the International Jewellery London as a guest panelist. The topic discussed was ‘’the jewellery store of 2025: How new technologies and in-store experiences will change retail’. … (read more)

How to apply creativity to the physical space

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Maxus Agency What is creativity today? How do we apply that to the physical space? These questions prompted a talk Michael Sheridan gave a couple of weeks ago for the Maxus Agency. So what does it mean to … (read more)

Samsung 837: Does a store need to sell?

Posted by Kevin

Image Source Billboard Samsung‘s new flagship in the Meatpacking District of Manhatten; Samsung 837, is a “digital playground” that is all brand experience and, interestingly, has no product for sale. It’s a huge space, 3 stories tall, and has everything … (read more)

Virtual Reality – Designs brought to life

Posted by Rebecca

You may be familiar with the term ‘Virtual Reality’; most likely from your favourite Sci-fi blockbuster or TV show, portrayed as the ultimate vision of future entertainment and culture allowing the user to go where ever they want, whenever they … (read more)

The Ultimate Luxury Brand Exhibits In London

Posted by Rebecca

Louis Vuitton is the ultimate luxury brand. That iconic LV logo is one of much prestige and significance in the fashion and luxury world. Vuitton’s latest extravagance was brought to London this year and lasted until Monday the 18th of … (read more)

Milan Expo Fair 2015

Posted by Rebecca

This year Sheridan&Co were very lucky to be at the Milan expo fair. The Milan Expo is a world fair with 145 participating countries that have designed individual pavilions based on their cultures and traditions focusing on one singular theme … (read more)

2015s’ Most Fabulous Luxury Pop Ups ….

Posted by Rebecca

Pop-ups are a profitable way of bringing innovative retail to life, adding £2.5 billion to the economy. The concept itself may not be new, but an increasing number of online-only retailers are dipping into the bricks and mortar world by … (read more)

‘APPt’ retail convenience

Posted by Rebecca

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, from the simple Internet search, to price comparisons, finding locations, reading reviews and now purchasing. Mobile commerce is all about convenience. And plays a big role during the buying … (read more)

May Design Series- A trip down ‘Bio-design’ lane

Posted by Rebecca

Yesterday we made our way down to the May Design Series at Excel London. A fabulous day filled with inspiration, design excitement and interesting seminars lay ahead of us. We couldn’t have been more excited to delve into the creative zone … (read more)

Apple skips the queue with their newest innovation

Posted by Michael

  You want to buy a new Apple Watch? Well, don’t do anything as silly as go into a shop to buy one or queue outside, heaven forbid. That’s so old school. No, what you do is go to one of … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – London

Posted by Rebecca

London is known across the globe as one of the finest retail destinations. Having an office in this beautiful city allows us to be in the hustle and bustle of our favourite retailers. A recent survey by Retail Specialists Harper Dennis Hobbs … (read more)

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