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Posted by Michael

Travelling in the USA recently, I came across a retail trade survey from the Department of Commerce which showed that in the second quarter of the year there was a 4.2% rise in e-commerce sales, and an increase in total … (read more)

Manufacture – Boundless Execution

Posted by Rebecca

We work with many of our clients from their initial concept through to the manufacture of the stand, store or concession. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive an idea through from the design stages to the delivery stages, … (read more)

Concept Management – Reach That Meets More Customers

Posted by Rebecca

By carefully listening, we collaborate with our clients like we are an extension of their company. We fiercely honor and protect the DNA of brands to ensure that on target retail concepts are carried through to each new retail venture. … (read more)

“Ring For Luxury “

Posted by Rebecca

On Monday evening we found ourselves strolling the streets of Shoreditch in search of luxury. Whilst on our way to an event hosted by We Are Collective and Luxury Millennial brand Kit & Ace, we found ourselves down a small … (read more)

August Retail Travel Guide – Cape Town, South Africa

Posted by Rebecca

Cape Town sparkles at the southern tip of the African continent. Its pristine white beaches lapped by a chilled yet beautiful Atlantic sea, rolling mountains, giant granite boulders and ever present proximity of nature; Cape Town truly is a special … (read more)

Mapping Out The ‘Pop-Up’ Journey

Posted by Rebecca

We were recently asked to write a guest blog post for the Space For Ideas competition that we are involved in. Mapping out the Pop-Up journey through strategy is the topic we chose to write about and thus the below post … (read more)


Posted by Celeste

The rise of the role of the Chief Customer Officer makes it clear that we are living in a relationship economy. We recently read a quote by the writer, Douglas Adams; it got us thinking about Customer Service. He said, … (read more)

Fathers Day brings retailers out to play

Posted by Rebecca

Father’s Day being a few days away, marketers, retailers and brands are looking out for any opportunity to capture peoples attention in light of keeping Fathers happy. Many of this has occurred through undulating special offers to ensure that he … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – London

Posted by Rebecca

London is known across the globe as one of the finest retail destinations. Having an office in this beautiful city allows us to be in the hustle and bustle of our favourite retailers. A recent survey by Retail Specialists Harper Dennis Hobbs … (read more)

A Global Team

Posted by Rebecca

Matt Bull, our Head of Finance and Commercial, recently spent 10 days in the New York office based in the heart of Soho. He gave us this report from his time there. “The 5 days I spent in the city … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – Dubai

Posted by Rebecca

The UAE, and especially Dubai, has grown to become one of the worlds most significant retail markets. Many know Dubai as ‘destination shop’; and with Dubai airport now officially the busiest in the world people make the most of their … (read more)

Our Retail Travel Guide – San Diego

Posted by Rebecca

San Diego is the second largest city in California. Located in southwestern CA on the San Diego Bay, it boasts a desirable climate with a year-round average of 21 degrees Celsius. Its favourable climate, countless beaches and close proximity to … (read more)


Posted by Celeste

The word curation is most often linked to the art world. It elevates and adds an aspirational element while liberating us from too much information and too many choices. Curation guides us, personalizes and filters thereby making us feel special. … (read more)


Posted by John Dupuis

Every year Pantone searches high and low to find influences in determining the Color of the Year. In turn, their announcement influences product design and purchase decisions across multiple industries. Marsala, named for the fortified wine produced in the Sicilian … (read more)

What Makes Certain Brands ‘Top Of Mind’?

Posted by Rebecca

Countless luxury brands have created key features through brand identity to distinguish themselves apart from others and really entrench themselves into the minds of consumers. If one looks at brands such as Mercedes Benz or Louis Vuitton, each and everyone … (read more)

A day in the life of a {Luxe} Digital Marketer

Posted by Rebecca

Last night we at Sheridan & Co  attended a fabulous evening at The Google Campus on digital marketing. It was a very interesting evening spent gaining insights into how digital marketing can transform a brand, business or organisation. Our interest … (read more)

2014 was a warm up, 2015 is GAME TIME!

Posted by Rebecca

2014 was a year of hard work and success for Sheridan&Co. We have worked on so many spectacular projects taking them from concept to completion. We are delighted to put together this blog piece demonstrating the highlights of our spectacular … (read more)

We Are On The Look Out For A 3D Visualiser

Posted by Rebecca

Sheridan&Co are looking for a creative and inspired individual to come on board and work alongside our London Design team. This position requires a motivated and passionate and candidate to help create, develop and filter ideas and concepts. Our 3D … (read more)

A Fantastic evening with We Are {The Collective} and EDIT Sloane ST

Posted by Rebecca

On Monday night we, at Sheridan & Co, were very fortunate to be involved in one of EDIT Sloane Streets’ think tanks. It was a splendid evening spent brain storming, gaining insights and delving into the intrinsic meaning of ‘luxury’. … (read more)

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