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CEW Product Demonstration Evening

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest The Sheridan&Co team attended a highly anticipated beauty event last week, the CEW production demonstration evening. CEW is renowned for bringing together the freshest and finest brands, and the people behind them. The evening itself is centred … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide: New Delhi

Posted by admin

Image Source Frieze Inspired by an Frieze editorial piece on Art in India, we have compiled a New Delhi retail guide.  It is a fascinating, chaotic, tantalising melting pot of a city! Jan – Feb is a great time to visit … (read more)

Is social media the new retail?

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global The term omnichannel is by no means new. However, for a long time the worlds of social media and retail have been viewed almost as two separate entities. Whilst we are experts of retail, our contemplation … (read more)

Retail City Guide: Manchester

Posted by admin

Image Source Pinterest As one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the UK, there are many great things to do in Manchester. With an array of venues and a rolling calendar of art exhibitions, concerts, markets and theatre, … (read more)

Sheridan&Co Snippet – New Retail Openings New York

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: Pinterest New York is one of the best shopping cities in the world. The city has so much diversity. From iconic designers to independents, we explore what’s new in New York. Pintrill Image Source: Hiconsumption Opened in May, … (read more)

The Future Success of M&S Depends On More Than Just Its Fashion Line

Posted by Michael

Image Source Bluewater Get the M&S stores right and the customers will follow. Steve Rowe, the new boss of M&S, says his priority is to fix clothing and to make the chain store’s clothing “more fashionable.” Let me tell Mr Rowe … (read more)


Posted by Henry Burrows

Each New Year brings new opportunities, or so the saying goes. While that adage is often overused, and in most cases not true, there are some interesting reasons to suggest that 2016 and beyond could well live up to the … (read more)

Amsterdam – Retail Travel Guide

Posted by Araminta Sheridan

The word Santa Claus derives from the Dutch ‘Sinterklass’, the name for their bearded gift giver who rewards good children. Sint, as the Dutch call him, visits on 5th December, Saint Nicholas Eve, making this the first part of their … (read more)

We Are On The Look Out

Posted by Rebecca

Creative 3D Retail Designer Sheridan&Co is a Global luxury retail design agency working with some of the world’s greatest brands. We are looking for a Creative 3D Retail Designer to join our Market Harborough Design team. We are looking for a vibrant, … (read more)

Milan Expo Fair 2015

Posted by Rebecca

This year Sheridan&Co were very lucky to be at the Milan expo fair. The Milan Expo is a world fair with 145 participating countries that have designed individual pavilions based on their cultures and traditions focusing on one singular theme … (read more)

September Retail Travel Guide – If Elegance Were A City, It Would Be Milan.

Posted by Rebecca

Dressed in luxurious cashmere, fur and silk, with beautifully made shoes that chime a “clip clop” sound on the streets. This is the sight and sound of a beautifully dressed woman strolling the streets of Milan. This description sums Milan … (read more)

August Retail Travel Guide – Cape Town, South Africa

Posted by Rebecca

Cape Town sparkles at the southern tip of the African continent. Its pristine white beaches lapped by a chilled yet beautiful Atlantic sea, rolling mountains, giant granite boulders and ever present proximity of nature; Cape Town truly is a special … (read more)

2015s’ Most Fabulous Luxury Pop Ups ….

Posted by Rebecca

Pop-ups are a profitable way of bringing innovative retail to life, adding £2.5 billion to the economy. The concept itself may not be new, but an increasing number of online-only retailers are dipping into the bricks and mortar world by … (read more)

Bloggers Take Centre Stage In The Retail Show

Posted by Rebecca

Retail proves to be highly multi dimensional in today’s world, now mobile commerce, peer-to-peer referrals, group buying and many other terms such as blogging, have disrupted the way customers buy a product from a seller. Retailers can easily get lost … (read more)

‘APPt’ retail convenience

Posted by Rebecca

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, from the simple Internet search, to price comparisons, finding locations, reading reviews and now purchasing. Mobile commerce is all about convenience. And plays a big role during the buying … (read more)

July Retail Travel Guide – Adventuring Stockholm

Posted by Rebecca

Sweden’s capital city spreads out over 14 islands in Lake Mälaren and looks out proudly to the Baltic Sea to the east. The beautiful public buildings, palaces, iconic cultural history and museums excellently exemplify the 700 year-old history of Sockholm. … (read more)

Fathers Day brings retailers out to play

Posted by Rebecca

Father’s Day being a few days away, marketers, retailers and brands are looking out for any opportunity to capture peoples attention in light of keeping Fathers happy. Many of this has occurred through undulating special offers to ensure that he … (read more)

#selfridgesxworkit Campaign

Posted by Rebecca

“The way we work is changing – and so is the way we dress for work. From the fashion curator to the Olympic athlete, we chart the influence of the workplace on six of today’s diverse professionals.” – Selfridges Selfridges … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – London

Posted by Rebecca

London is known across the globe as one of the finest retail destinations. Having an office in this beautiful city allows us to be in the hustle and bustle of our favourite retailers. A recent survey by Retail Specialists Harper Dennis Hobbs … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – Dubai

Posted by Rebecca

The UAE, and especially Dubai, has grown to become one of the worlds most significant retail markets. Many know Dubai as ‘destination shop’; and with Dubai airport now officially the busiest in the world people make the most of their … (read more)

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