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Posted by Michael

Travelling in the USA recently, I came across a retail trade survey from the Department of Commerce which showed that in the second quarter of the year there was a 4.2% rise in e-commerce sales, and an increase in total … (read more)

Cannes – Retail Travel Guide

Posted by Rebecca

Cannes might be synonymous with A-list glamour but when delving a bit deeper one will discover a city rich in culture as well as possessing one of the loveliest marinas in France, which hosts many traditional sailing yachts as well … (read more)

We Are On The Look Out

Posted by Rebecca

Creative 3D Retail Designer Sheridan&Co is a Global luxury retail design agency working with some of the world’s greatest brands. We are looking for a Creative 3D Retail Designer to join our Market Harborough Design team. We are looking for a vibrant, … (read more)

Project Management – Teamwork That Drives Brands

Posted by Rebecca

Our corporate culture is based on CHARM and the tenets of Creativity, honesty, attitude, reinvention, and manners. It’s the guiding light in our recruitment and retention of the best available talent: after all, relationships are what Sheridan&Co is built on. … (read more)

Design Development – Vision That Becomes Reality

Posted by Rebecca

At Sheridan&Co we can take projects from the first stage of branding through to the manufacture and installation of the actual store. An important part of our design process includes design development. It is an integral part of process that … (read more)

Concept Management – Reach That Meets More Customers

Posted by Rebecca

By carefully listening, we collaborate with our clients like we are an extension of their company. We fiercely honor and protect the DNA of brands to ensure that on target retail concepts are carried through to each new retail venture. … (read more)

Brand Identity – Performance Beyond Impression

Posted by Rebecca

“We never presume that we know your business better than you, but we know that our proven experience and expertise in retail and package design can heighten your success.” – Michael Sheridan, Chairman and Founder. Brands of today face fierce … (read more)

Customers Crave Unusual Retail Experiences

Posted by Rebecca

Our competitive retail landscape means customers want more, they are now looking for something really unusual to catch their attention and more importantly keep it. Certain brands and small businesses have cleverly cottoned on to this and have successfully used … (read more)

2015s’ Most Fabulous Luxury Pop Ups ….

Posted by Rebecca

Pop-ups are a profitable way of bringing innovative retail to life, adding £2.5 billion to the economy. The concept itself may not be new, but an increasing number of online-only retailers are dipping into the bricks and mortar world by … (read more)


Posted by John Dupuis

To serve the time-starved among us, we’ve noticed an uptick in in-home services. From the calm and comfort of your abode, here some best in class examples in four verticals. BEAUTY Glamsquad, the app, sends fully trained beauty professionals directly … (read more)

Apple skips the queue with their newest innovation

Posted by Michael

  You want to buy a new Apple Watch? Well, don’t do anything as silly as go into a shop to buy one or queue outside, heaven forbid. That’s so old school. No, what you do is go to one of … (read more)

Retail Travel Guide – London

Posted by Rebecca

London is known across the globe as one of the finest retail destinations. Having an office in this beautiful city allows us to be in the hustle and bustle of our favourite retailers. A recent survey by Retail Specialists Harper Dennis Hobbs … (read more)

Without Gender! Without Boundaries!

Posted by Rebecca

Definition of Agender: Without a gender (nongendered, genderless, agender; neutrois); moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity (genderfluid); third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender. Selfridges has curved the boundaries … (read more)

Retails Role In Promoting The Bigger Brand Story

Posted by Rebecca

Following on from our first blog post from the Retail Design Expo, this is our second episode in this delightful series. The next presentation we attended was by Katie Greenyer, Creative Director at the Pentland Group and Jim Thompson, managing director, at … (read more)

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Press Launch

Posted by Celeste

Late last year, Sheridan & Co project managed and oversaw the installation of the bareMinerals innovative Complexion Rescue launch event to the New York press. We couldn’t talk about it earlier because the product was only recently available to the public, and … (read more)


Posted by Kaleigh Atkins

Last week, Two of our New York designers had the pleasure of attending a Fragrance Foundation talk. The one designer joined the New York team from our UK office for a two-month sojourn. The enriching evening exposed them both to … (read more)

2015 Retail Travel Diary – New York, New York

Posted by Rebecca

Retail is our passion. Whether its designing, creating, managing, installing or simply consuming it , it is what we at Sheridan&Co live for. 2015 brings about an exciting new blog campaign. Every month from now on we will be posting … (read more)


Posted by Ishbel

Forget the little black book; it’s so passé.  Time to get into our brand new The Blue Book, a new design collective that we are creating for the world’s brightest design talent by launching a new and, we hope rather … (read more)


Posted by Ishbel

In October we brought you details of the unveiling of Illuminum’s contemporary fine fragrance concept shop at Henri Bendel in New York. We are off to a flying start this January and have just had great news from Illuminum to … (read more)


Posted by Ishbel

Sheridan&Co is a leading international retail design agency working with some of the world’s greatest brands. We are looking for a creative retail designer to join our global design team and will be based in our Market Harborough studio. We are … (read more)

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