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What Home Means To Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

‘Sense of belonging’ is second on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It is intrinsic to happiness and wellbeing. Post Brexit and Trump, refugee crisis, consumers feel divided and there is uncertainty surrounding what home means. In addition to this, millennials are … (read more)

Total Retail for Total Recall

Posted by Michael

Image Source LSN Total Retail is the latest buzzword whizzing around the industry. It’s a new way to described the old ‘omni-channel’ concept and aims to show that  brands have to now project their messages and identity as much offline … (read more)

The Future Of VR By The Think Collective

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source The Think Collective Sheridan&Co attended an event hosted by the Think Collective last week that explored the future of VR. Impressively, $4bn has been invested in Virtual Reality since 2010 and there are 10.8 million people using the … (read more)

London Fashion Week Pop Ups

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Selfridges Selfridges London Fashion Week started over the weekend. Whilst buyers, bloggers and fashion press have been racing around the capital in search for the latest styles, our weekend fashion agenda was to explore what is happening in … (read more)

Is social media the new retail?

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global The term omnichannel is by no means new. However, for a long time the worlds of social media and retail have been viewed almost as two separate entities. Whilst we are experts of retail, our contemplation … (read more)

London’s Christmas Windows

Posted by Alice Bodkin

London is at its most magical at this time of year. It is a pleasant sight walking around the streets to and from the office, viewing all the decorations that have found a festive home for the month. From holly … (read more)

Contemplating the Consumer Journey

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global Working in retail design and delivering new store spaces for clients, our strategy team spends a significant amount of time understanding consumer behaviour and how this corresponds within a purchasing journey. However as we develop our … (read more)

January isn’t just for markdowns: Rachel Shectman reinvents retail with Story

Posted by Kevin

January isn’t just for markdowns: Rachel Shectman reinvents retail with Story    Several years ago, Rachel Shectman revolutionized retail with a new store concept called Story. Much like a magazine, Story changes its merchandising theme, and therefore its products, every two months. … (read more)

New York, New York

Posted by Michael

Overseas visits are an opportunity for us to check out different retail landscapes and see what is new. I’ve chosen to mention five very different stores as I believe their diversification demonstrates how we can think differently about what shops … (read more)

The Jewellery Store of 2025

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest At the start of September, Michael Sheridan attended an event at the International Jewellery London as a guest panelist. The topic discussed was ‘’the jewellery store of 2025: How new technologies and in-store experiences will change retail’. … (read more)

Louboutin Paint Selfridges Rouge

Posted by Freddie Sheridan

Christian Louboutin, the French fashion designer who is known around the world for his iconic red-lacquered soles, recently launched a beauty concept in Selfridges. Sheridan&Co delivered the design of the space in Selfridges that stocks nail polishes and lipsticks inspired … (read more)

What an exciting time to be a retail design agency.

Posted by Freddie Sheridan

Image Source LSN Global “Are traditional brick-and-mortar retailers dying a slow death?” was the biggest question that investors were asking at the beginning of June, according to Voice of America. Such a statement that has been authenticated by Market Watch, … (read more)

L’Oreal launches Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

Posted by Araminta Sheridan

Earlier this week, WWD released an article detailing how Ralph Lauren conjures the worlds of luxury scent through the launch of their new fragrance collection. Sheridan&Co is delighted to see Ralph Lauren’s store concept to be well received and wish to … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

There is a constant jostle to attract attention across retail; today’s omni-channel market has created an environment where retailers must innovate and diversify their offering. The key aim has to be to ensure shoppers spend more time in their stores. … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

As a reaction to the ever-competitive retail market, we decided to take time to focus inwards, the aim, to see what we could be doing to make our high standards of quality and service more inclusive. It is as a … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

An announcement that caught our eye over the weekend was the joint venture between Civilist and Nike SB, the two brands have come together in opening a new store in Berlin’s Mitte district.  The opening of the store marks the … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

We’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to how brands sell us their products, and what they can be doing to ensure the best possible experience for the consumer. Towards the end of last year Virgin Media launched their … (read more)