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Afghan coats, platform shoes and the spirit of optimism

Posted by Michael

Image Source: Pretty Green The smell. That’s what I remember most about my first Afghan coat. It was a sweet, pungent goaty smell that took my breath away every time I went near it. Yet I loved that coat. It … (read more)

The Future of Empathy in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image source LSN Global Confronted with civic discourse, a global trust crisis, the rise of populist politics and technology that makes our lives increasingly more isolated, the case for empathy has never been more immediate. Empathy enables people to have … (read more)

From the high street to online to flying cars

Posted by Michael

Image Source Selfridges It comes as no surprise to me that we have more brand and retail concept based projects on our books than at any other time. In Selfridges alone, we have recently installed new designs for Christian Louboutin … (read more)


Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: LSN The idea of the nuclear family is changing. Rather than a couple and their 2.4 children, family units are smaller or more complex, and can spread across countries. Today’s work culture means that we have less time … (read more)

The Age of Distraction

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global. Last month, Sheridan&Co’s strategy team attended a bi-annual trend briefing hosted by forecasting agency; LSN Global. Whilst the afternoon was filled with many actionable insights, one trend that invited us to reflect upon the consumer journey … (read more)

Total Retail for Total Recall

Posted by Michael

Image Source LSN Total Retail is the latest buzzword whizzing around the industry. It’s a new way to described the old ‘omni-channel’ concept and aims to show that  brands have to now project their messages and identity as much offline … (read more)

The Year of Retail Tech

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global According to Malcolm Gladwell, a tipping point is a ‘magical moment in which an idea or trend crosses a threshold. The social media or behaviour tips and spreads like wildfire. It is a moment of critical … (read more)

Values Driven Valentine Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Selfridges Just a couple of weeks back, I was popping to Selfridges to visit the gifting hall. I was greeted with two displays of cards. One display presented beautiful Valentine’s cards. The neighbouring display however was full of … (read more)

Should retail get political?

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Stylus At the beginning of December, the Strategy team attended an event hosted in collaboration with Stylus in London called Unbound. The event explored retail, fashion, popular culture and one key topic was ‘should brands engage in politics’. … (read more)

2017 Retail Predictions

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Elemis As we approach the New Year, we reflect on the key insights that have driven retail in 2016 and what will become more prominent in 2017. Fast and Slow Strategies Due to the break away of traditional … (read more)

Contemplating the Consumer Journey

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global Working in retail design and delivering new store spaces for clients, our strategy team spends a significant amount of time understanding consumer behaviour and how this corresponds within a purchasing journey. However as we develop our … (read more)

Cocktails & Crackling Conversation with Bart Kaczanowicz (Part 1)

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Here at Sheridan&Co New York we have organised a series of events appropriately titled ‘Cocktails & Crackling Conversation’. These evenings present a unique opportunity for us to pick the brains of industry professionals and creative thinkers as well as delve … (read more)

Frieze Art Fair 2016

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Frieze takes place every October and this year was no different. The Sheridan & Co Strategy team ventured to Regent’s Park to explore the collection of contemporary art that was on display from over 160 of the world’s leading galleries. … (read more)

London Design Festival Network Evening

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global Sheridan & Co attended a London Design Festival network evening at LSN Global on Thursday 22nd September. The event consisted of a  panel discussion between Hannah Robinson, visual editor at LS:N Global, Ma-tt-er, Tina Gorjanc, designer … (read more)

How to apply creativity to the physical space

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Maxus Agency What is creativity today? How do we apply that to the physical space? These questions prompted a talk Michael Sheridan gave a couple of weeks ago for the Maxus Agency. So what does it mean to … (read more)

What an exciting time to be a retail design agency.

Posted by Freddie Sheridan

Image Source LSN Global “Are traditional brick-and-mortar retailers dying a slow death?” was the biggest question that investors were asking at the beginning of June, according to Voice of America. Such a statement that has been authenticated by Market Watch, … (read more)


Posted by Michael

Ethos comes from the Greek word meaning character, it was used by the ancients to describe the beliefs that characterise the essential spirit of a community, a country, or indeed an ideology. So it’s fitting that two bright young entrepreneurs, … (read more)


Posted by Michael

  Sheridan&Co talk retail strategy You may have read about a couple from Scunthorpe last week, who despite a 283-billion-to-one chance, won £1m on the EuroMillions lottery… for the second time. While overcoming such astronomic odds is not a luxury … (read more)

What Makes Certain Brands ‘Top Of Mind’?

Posted by Rebecca

Countless luxury brands have created key features through brand identity to distinguish themselves apart from others and really entrench themselves into the minds of consumers. If one looks at brands such as Mercedes Benz or Louis Vuitton, each and everyone … (read more)