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Breathing Spaces

Posted by Alice Bodkin

The pressure of high impact lives defined by constantly multi-screening is taking its toll. Enduring a daily diet of information overload and experiencing unrelenting negativity in the press has left consumers taut. Slow design was a prominent theme at Maison … (read more)

The Flâneur – A Retail Guide To Paris

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Paris – a city renowned for café culture, fashion, romance and art. The city is one of architectural and aesthetic splendour. Sheridan&Co embarked upon a la flânerie in the city, which is French for a free-spirited stroll soaking up the … (read more)

We are head over heels for kind, conscious brands and BoobyShoes

Posted by admin

Image Source Booby Shoes Earlier this year we explored Havas Media’s future of Meaningful Brands. The conclusion was that 75% of brands could disappear off the earth tomorrow unless they provide meaningful content and impact. Interestingly, 75% of consumers expect … (read more)

London Design Festival

Posted by Natasha Clifford

Image Source: The London Design Festival The London Design Festival celebrates London as the design capital of the world. Founded in 2003, the Festival hosts some of the country’s top creatives, retailers and educators, featuring exhibitions, product launches and seminars … (read more)

Why the future of cities will shape retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest  Every weekend, I turn to the weekend supplements. Cup of coffee in one hand, I turn the pages with the other and take in current affairs, document what is neoteric and what could indicate the rise of … (read more)

Communicating Inclusivity & Diversity

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Skolors Messaging of diversity and inclusivity are permeating across all industries. Cannes Lions CEO Philip Thomas disclosed at this year’s Cannes festival how the future of creativity will embrace continue to confront diversity. The official website stated that … (read more)

Designing for Quiet

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Silence has become highly sought after as a luxurious commodity. W Magazine reports ‘between “fake news” blaring through the television, Twitter notifications constantly interrupting us, and the combined noise of everyday life, it’s become a privilege to shut the f— … (read more)

The New Luxury Age

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Stylus Curve At the end of April, Stylus hosted a Spring Innovation Forum which they shared their latest macro trend, The New Rules of Luxury. By 2025, it has been envisioned that there will be 263,500 ultra high … (read more)

Brands Need To Dream Up New Utopias

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Internet Age Media A short while ago, the Sheridan&Co strategy team were indulging in explorations of nostalgia. Revisiting the 90s with Pokémon Go and the relaunch of Nokia 3310 inspired fond memories within the team. Yet, as strategists … (read more)


Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: LSN The idea of the nuclear family is changing. Rather than a couple and their 2.4 children, family units are smaller or more complex, and can spread across countries. Today’s work culture means that we have less time … (read more)

The Age of Distraction

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global. Last month, Sheridan&Co’s strategy team attended a bi-annual trend briefing hosted by forecasting agency; LSN Global. Whilst the afternoon was filled with many actionable insights, one trend that invited us to reflect upon the consumer journey … (read more)

Five Key Takeaways From Euroshop 2017

Posted by admin

Image Source Euroshop Euroshop is a leading trade fair for retail investments worldwide. The fair took place throughout the week in Dusseldorf. The Sheridan&Co team attended to discover the latest trends and insights that will be shaping the industry. Here … (read more)

London Fashion Week Pop Ups

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Selfridges Selfridges London Fashion Week started over the weekend. Whilst buyers, bloggers and fashion press have been racing around the capital in search for the latest styles, our weekend fashion agenda was to explore what is happening in … (read more)

The New York Times Travel Show

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Pinterest The New York Times Travel Show took place at the end of January at the Jacob Javits Center. A prominent conversation from the event documents a shift in societal attitudes towards travel. Transformative experiences are becoming increasingly … (read more)

Trust in Crisis

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Beauty Pie According to Edelman’s Trust Barometer, trust is in crisis globally. The PR firm has been documenting trust since 2012 across key institutions including government, NGOs, media and business. The level of trust in government is 41% … (read more)

Is social media the new retail?

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global The term omnichannel is by no means new. However, for a long time the worlds of social media and retail have been viewed almost as two separate entities. Whilst we are experts of retail, our contemplation … (read more)

European Week of Healthy Workplaces

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: LSN Global This week is the European Week for Safety and Health at Work. The theme for this year is Healthy Workplaces for All Ages. There are hundreds of awareness-raising events across the EU. Last week was World … (read more)

iBeacons On Regents Street

Posted by Araminta Sheridan

Image Songquan Deng / Shutterstock.com A disruptive trend for 2016 is iBeacons. iBeacon allows Mobile Apps to listen for signals from beacons within a retail environment and respond. The technology allows retailers to understand where their consumers are on a … (read more)



Posted by Alice Bodkin

We are no longer living in an age where consumers strive for perfection. No. With hectic lifestyles, the unrelenting work schedules after December’s festivities, coupled with the pursuit of a January detox, consumers are on an emotional and physical quest … (read more)


Posted by Freddie Sheridan

Keep it quiet. Keeping quiet is the new message in our noisy times. First off to keep things quiet was Selfridges’, with its No Noise campaign. For those of you not listening, the No Noise campaign was all about big … (read more)