Image Source Euroshop

Euroshop is a leading trade fair for retail investments worldwide. The fair took place throughout the week in Dusseldorf. The Sheridan&Co team attended to discover the latest trends and insights that will be shaping the industry. Here are our top five takeaways.


As explored in our future forecast in January, Anti-choice architecture is a prominent trend for 2017.  There was a noticeable number of larger vendors and displays who were displaying a simplistic aesthetic and rejecting the ‘who can shout loudest’ method of attracting attention in this busy environment. A recognition of the fact that consumers and trade contemporaries are more savvy to the message being delivered than the method of delivery. Your message, carefully, clearly and consistently presented will be heard louder than any bells and whistles. Creating space to allow visitors to stop, reflect and discuss, and where product could be appreciated in almost gallery-like settings was a consistent theme.


In our blog post ‘Pantone sets the tone for the Year’ we explore how sustainability is a key movement for 2017. This was echoed at the show. Utilising materials and objects for construction that are clearly recycled, repurposed and reinvented added both a clear statement of aspiration to sustainability and an approachable non-intimidating aesthetic. Thoughtful use of repurposed items and materials gives the impression of considered, conscientious and waste-free design intent. This was apparent in both design agency areas as well as product vendors.


Linking to the above, the trend for visible and transparent design and build process was seen in a number of stands. This also reflects how consumer trust is in crisis. From clearly visible structural elements to some stands (scaffold poles, OSB boarding, visible fixings, raw edges and stencilling), to a strong emphasis on provenance and ‘lifecycle’ stories. It is clear that companies value and want to share the considerations they have put into their product development and understand that customers and contemporaries appreciate seeing some of the magic that occurs behind the scenes of production to engender trust.


The most widely used colour for stand builds. Typically in matte finish or as a textured application, black was used as a bold block statement across floors, walls, and displays. When paired with raw timber or a bold colour pop it creates a modern and sleek aesthetic. Black was also seen as a key colour in VM tools and lighting with black metalwork supplanting white as the backdrop of choice for display systems.


In a world increasing shaped by retail tech, design must be human was communicated by a guest speaker Alison Embrey Medina (Executive Editor at Design Retail).  To achieve this, retail spaces must trade on experimentation and emotive experiences. Whilst VR was prominent throughout the show, the power of VR relies on participatory engagement that places the consumer at the centre of an experience.