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Are you a Retail Incubator?

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Ikea Crowdsourcing is not new. The beauty industry has been at the forefront of nurturing innovation by tapping into consumer opinion for product development. A prime example that comes to mind is Glossier who used the brand’s blog … (read more)

Communicating Inclusivity & Diversity

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Skolors Messaging of diversity and inclusivity are permeating across all industries. Cannes Lions CEO Philip Thomas disclosed at this year’s Cannes festival how the future of creativity will embrace continue to confront diversity. The official website stated that … (read more)

The Future of Empathy in Retail

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image source LSN Global Confronted with civic discourse, a global trust crisis, the rise of populist politics and technology that makes our lives increasingly more isolated, the case for empathy has never been more immediate. Empathy enables people to have … (read more)

The New Luxury Age

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source Stylus Curve At the end of April, Stylus hosted a Spring Innovation Forum which they shared their latest macro trend, The New Rules of Luxury. By 2025, it has been envisioned that there will be 263,500 ultra high … (read more)


Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source: LSN The idea of the nuclear family is changing. Rather than a couple and their 2.4 children, family units are smaller or more complex, and can spread across countries. Today’s work culture means that we have less time … (read more)

The Age of Distraction

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image Source LSN Global. Last month, Sheridan&Co’s strategy team attended a bi-annual trend briefing hosted by forecasting agency; LSN Global. Whilst the afternoon was filled with many actionable insights, one trend that invited us to reflect upon the consumer journey … (read more)

Retailers Must Find Their Long Tail To Survive

Posted by Michael

Image Source LSN Global The New Year has started well for the UK’s big retailers. M&S, Morrisons, Tesco, Primark, Debenhams, Supergroup, JD Sports, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s all enjoyed good Christmas sales. There were a few black spots. Next announced … (read more)

January isn’t just for markdowns: Rachel Shectman reinvents retail with Story

Posted by Kevin

January isn’t just for markdowns: Rachel Shectman reinvents retail with Story    Several years ago, Rachel Shectman revolutionized retail with a new store concept called Story. Much like a magazine, Story changes its merchandising theme, and therefore its products, every two months. … (read more)

New York, New York

Posted by Michael

Overseas visits are an opportunity for us to check out different retail landscapes and see what is new. I’ve chosen to mention five very different stores as I believe their diversification demonstrates how we can think differently about what shops … (read more)

Harvey Nichols Launch Menswear Space

Posted by Alice Bodkin

Image, Harvey Nichols Last year, luxury department store Harvey Nichols decided to hire Virgile+Partners to redefine their menswear store design. In an attempt to create an aesthetic that is the very essence of ‘refined luxury’, Harvey Nichols sought to offer … (read more)


Posted by Michael

Ethos comes from the Greek word meaning character, it was used by the ancients to describe the beliefs that characterise the essential spirit of a community, a country, or indeed an ideology. So it’s fitting that two bright young entrepreneurs, … (read more)

May Design Series- A trip down ‘Bio-design’ lane

Posted by Rebecca

Yesterday we made our way down to the May Design Series at Excel London. A fabulous day filled with inspiration, design excitement and interesting seminars lay ahead of us. We couldn’t have been more excited to delve into the creative zone … (read more)