London is at its most magical at this time of year. It is a pleasant sight walking around the streets to and from the office, viewing all the decorations that have found a festive home for the month. From holly wreaths on doors, to lights and Christmas trees, each street provides an opportunity for aesthetic serendipity and discovery.

However, our favourite activity over the holiday season is to view Christmas window displays of department stores across the city. From the details to the creative and heart warming inspiration, we have put together a list of our favourites.


Image Source Selfridges

Santa plays the role of the protagonist in Selfridges’ windows this year. However, this Santa sparkles and has a private jet. The department store commissioned a handmade bespoke sequin Santa suit for every window. Each suit takes an impressive 193 hours to make. The festive party continues as each window has a soundtrack. The windows have a special speaker that conveys the spirited sounds to the crowd.

Fortnum and Mason

Image Source Retail Week

Following the consumer demand for emotive engagement, Fortnum and Mason themes their displays around the concept of ‘Together, We’re Merrier’. Such a concept was paramount last month for Thanksgiving with the promotion of ‘Friendsgiving’ by the likes of Ikea and Uber.

Following turbulent times politically in 2016 with events such as Brexit and the US election, conflicting ideologies have left friends and families divided. Thus the concept of togetherness is at its most timely and we love the mirth these windows celebrate through nine stories of traditional arch-enemies. Examples include ‘The Bull and The China’, ‘The Boy and The Brussel Sprouts’ and ‘The Wolf and The Sheep’. The light-hearted child like references inspires nostalgia and the end result is heart warming.


Image Source Harrods

Following the success of Burberry’s recreation of Billy Elliot last Christmas, their collaboration with Harrods for the festive season this year was eagerly anticipated. The quintessential partnership’s theme is a ‘A Very British Fairy Tale’. Floating bathtubs, picnics on lakes and secret walkways have all found a home in the store’s visual merchandising this season. These touching tales are brought to life with motion sensors that customers can interact with.


Image Source

With the Royal Opera House displaying currently running the iconic Christmas tale of the Nutcracker, Liberty has created beautiful recreations of scenes from the ballet with in their windows.

Harvey Nichols


Image Source Harvey Nichols

‘Britalia’ is the festive theme for Harvey Nichols this Christmas. The Italian Renaissance and the Italian Opera inspired the windows. The end result is a luxurious creation which features white clouds, candelabras and chandeliers made from over 100,000 sparkly white balls.

In true Italian style, no decadence or extravagance was spared as the windows took over 1500 hours to make with 700 hand painted stars and 1300kg of paper used to produce props. Impressively, 91 handmade stars hang from the ceiling and over 4000 metres of wool was knitted to produce the windows.