According to World Retail Congress, 2017 is the year of Ultra Personalisation. Whilst personalisation is nothing new in retail, technology and social media has enabled experiences to become increasingly more tailored.

With The National Retail Federation’s annual Big Show taking place in New York earlier this month, one focus of the event was the rise of social media in retail and the rise of chatbot services,

Last year, we saw the likes of Sephora generate chat apps such as Kik bot. The messaging gave consumers the opportunity to receive personalised product suggestions and tips surrounding beauty.

The genius in the design of the app is that it eliminates wait time as consumers can access information instantly.

Chatbox messaging is particularly popular with millennial consumers with 53% of this cohort in the UK preferring to use the service as opposed to human interaction. Interestingly, a similar statistic is mirrored in the US, with 60% of millennials expressing the same.

There is a real consumer desire for real-time engagement, documenting the progression of messaging culture. To use the platform successfully, messaging must be created on the foundation of honesty and authenticity. The tone of voice and content relevance is important.

Chatbox commerce moves beyond traditional marketing messages and tactics to draw consumers into store. It makes way for a consumer journey that is more streamlined than before. The year of ultra personalisation welcomes a new route to retail.