Visual Merchandising

From experienced retail designers.

Visual merchandising is key to the success of one of the most important factors in any retail space; customer navigation. At Sheridan&Co we are expert at planning the key categories that one wants to promote within a retail space. We then use visual merchandising as a tool to guide the customer through your store.

Our creative team have vast experience in manipulating the way a store looks and how the products are styled. Understanding who your customers are and how they shop is the fundamental to successful visual merchandising; crucial in organising a store for optimum consumer flow and engagement. 

In the early 90s we worked with P&G on a major campaign using ‘planograms’, a key element in visual merchandising, to persuade retailers to give more space to P&G fragrance brands and other products. Since then we have worked on further innovations in visual merchandising, with the likes of the well known juice café Root&Bulbs, as well as new boutique gym 1Rebel, to combine pleasing visuals with practical design that will prolong dwell time and lead to an overall increase in consumption. 

If you would like any assistance with visual merchandising please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at your nearest office.