What does our retail design agency do for brands?

Thank you for considering Sheridan&Co as your retail design agency. We would love to support you in bringing your retail concept to life. As well as having over thirty five years of experience in the retail design solutions industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with brands to create environments that produce exceptional results.

Whether success is defined in terms of sales, brand awareness, customer acquisition or the length of the queue outside your store we believe that successful retail design is born out of a true focus on results and clearly defining clear goals at the outset of the journey.

Spanning Retail Strategy, Retail Design Solutions & Delivery of our process blends consumer psychology with experience, creativity with technical expertise, meticulous planning with organisation and skilled craftsmanship with logistics.

Ultimately, as a retail design solutions agency, we realise that we are judged on the end result but we also want to take as much responsibility for the process as possible. We are happiest when handing over a final product that has been delivered with efficient input from your team, on time, on budget, as well as exceeding expectations.


Sheridan&Co exists to support conscientious brands in connecting with people who love their products.

1. We are a strategic-led Retail Design Agency.

We are experts at connecting people with the right products.

2. We are exceptional storytellers.

We understand that communicating what truly makes a brand unique is an essential part of building relationships with customers. We look deep into a brands heritage before shaping messages in a way in which they are most likely to build strong connections.

3. We have a highly experienced global team of about 90 people.

We are a family business with over 35 years of experience in retail design solutions. The broad spectrum of skill-sets, experience and perspectives within our retail design solutions agency means that we can offer brands all the benefits of a safe pair of hands, as well a genuine thirst for innovation. When expanding our team we always are always conscious that we must to relate to the customers we are striving to reach.

4. We are engineers at heart.

Our retail design agency has the technical expertise to support your brand in realising any aspect of your retail environment.