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What does our retail design agency do for store design?

We asked various members of our team from different departments that very question. Here is the answer from various different perspectives:
"We bring the soul of the brand into the retail store, and make meaningful connections with the shopper."

"We ensure that each individual project takes us one step closer to being unarguably the worlds leading retail design agency, in a collection of the most exciting product sectors."

"We tell stories through retail interior design. We design tailored experiences and create memorable moments."

"We apply our retail design expertise to creating truly dynamic customer experiences."

"Store design that honestly communicates what makes a brand unique, and converts consumers into loyal customers."

"We create retail stores that are as scalable as they are engaging. It is very rare to have so many of the retail design skills required to create retail interiors that are practical and effective in one place."

"We are to retail interior design what Dyson are to electronic motors. Always looking for excuses to innovate whilst asking what we can do improve and make our product more useful to our customers."

"We elevate brand performance in retail. We maximise brand proportion and performance through shop design."

"Global brands come to our retail design agency looking to define a vision for their retail store. We use our expertise and creativity to realise that vision first through digital shop design and then in the physical retail store."

"Sheridan&Co understands brands - what they stand for and where they want to go - and helps them achieve those goals through unique and meaningful shop design that reflects their values."

"Sheridan&Co unearths your true brand essence, defining the consumer experience through Retail Strategy before bringing this to life through shop interior design. With our wealth of knowledge and experience of implementation, we bring these to reality - anywhere our clients are required to be worldwide."