January 30, 2020 /Design & Deliver

A Day Well Spent // A New Style of Shopping

"81% of Gen Z prefers to shop in stores, and 73% like to discover new products in stores”

according to a report by A.T. Kearney
Amongst the highest purchasers of wellbeing products, wellness retail must provide solace and escapism for digitally hyperactive generations. ‘A Day Well Spent’, our collaborative pop-up experience with Naked Retail considers this and takes it to the next level.
Those who have attended A Day Well Spent since its opening last week have experienced a new type of shopping. An immersive theatre set combined with the subtle psychological cues of an art gallery curator. Lights, camera, action… Welcome to our immersive retail experience. 
It hits you as soon as you enter through the door. The excitement and energy of the New York City Streets fade into the background as we bring your entire daily routine into one space. You may not know it yet but this is likely to be the first time you have seen over 25 unique brands, each from a different industry, come together to tell one cohesive story. Naked Retail’s ability to bring fresh new and established brands together, alongside Sheridan&Co’s strategic understanding of retail design, consumer thinking and experience, we’ve created the opportunity for you to chose the story of your day.

“To live one day well is the same as to live ten thousand days well. To master twenty-four hours is to master your life.”

Aubrey Marcus, Own the Day

As with life, A Day Well Spent is different for everyone, a world influenced by our own perspectives. A Day Spent Well is unique to every shopper and brand included in the experience, each having a different point-of-view and reason for being. As you walk in from the cold NYC streets to the warm well store you will undoubtedly see things in a new way.

"Consumers accustomed to seamless experiences designed around their needs will encounter little of that in [US] healthcare.”

Marian Berelowitz, US Senior Editor, Stylus
The store is broken into quadrants of the day by physically mimicking morning, noon and nightly routines. Shoppers walk through tunnels, rooms and areas creating a completely new take on merchandising, brand placement, consumer experience. 
Subtle details are placed carefully for the curious; the two half circles placed on the floor represent both a clock and the journey of time. Shades of warm greys not only communicate the time of day but they work to tie the brands together into a cohesive statement. Graphic details are carried throughout the space, some more obvious than others, but each equally important – the more you look, the more you see.

Simply moving away from functional retail is no longer a creative strategy – retail has to be an experience. A Day Well Spent is an example of how far we must go and how thoughtful we must be to personalise each journey so that a retail space serves each the individual.