April 24, 2018 /Retail Insight

April draws to a close and spring has finally sprung…

April draws to a close and spring has finally sprung. The month has been abundant with activities, design inspiration and creativity.

In London, we took to East to venture to the city’s annual coffee festival. It was a joy to explore the different brands on offer and learn about stories behind the design. Over on our blog, we have been exploring the rise of we-experiences.

With this in mind, we were intrigued to see Mini Living explore a collective design concept at Milan Design Week. ‘Built By All’ explores a future in which design becomes more collaborative.

Over the last few months, we have been exploring the psychology of yellow. With this in mind, we were excited to learn about Acne’s new store in LA, featuring this colour as a confirmation of this trend.

At the start of the year, we explored the rise of optimism omnipresence. We contemplated how this manifests into design inspiration by creating narratives that inspire hope. This sentiment was brought to life at the Southbank centre’s most recent exhibit launch, Concrete Dreams.

In New York, Beautycon festival took place. A sold-out event, the festival invited a community of rule breakers to engage in the world of beauty. Resonating with the untamed and fearless, we cast our minds to our work with Morphe, where we created a rebrand and retail store identity.

Exploring consumer sentiments, we have been tracking the rise of the ‘buy less, buy better’ mindset and what this means for brands.

In quarter one, we indulged in the possibilities of wonder and Romanticism’s revival. However, as we approach quarter two, we ruminate on the role of the scientific method and how this can inspire consumer trust. We recommend heading to the Wellcome Collections ‘Somewhere In Between’ to explore the creative potential of art and science.

So as we venture into May, we look forward to all the insights that will transpire from the Retail Expo. Our creative eye will explore all that New York’s Frieze has to offer. We will be indulging in London’s craft week and how retail experiences will showcase craftsmanship and design.