April 22, 2020 /Retail Insight

Why Words Are Important Right Now

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“Conversations are not cancelled”. 

Jamie Twokowski

Words have power. Throughout history, they have had had the capacity to challenge and change landscapes, echoing through decades, an ode to the thoughtful ideas and leaders who dared to speak them. Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’, carries a message of hope for change that captures audiences today, whereas Winston Churchill’s “We shall never surrender”, defines an era of hardship in Britain.

In the worlds current climate, there is much uncertainty, as brands have started to form the language to react to the coronavirus pandemic. Many have risen to the challenge of crafting a narrative around hope, comfort and generosity, thoughtfully conveyed to tell the true meaning behind the copy – the powerful ideas behind them – for as Jamie Twokowski said: “Conversations are not cancelled”.

Brands are getting personal

With over a quarter of the world on lockdown, some brands are getting personal, recognising the effect that it is having on each and every one of our lives across the world. Mindfulness company, Headspace, released a statement directly from their founder Andy Puddicomb, reaching out to the community and offering free memberships for health workers. He outlined the importance of mindfulness in stressful situations; “We can’t change stressful circumstances, but we can notice what we’re holding onto and let go of that storyline”, offering guidance and comfort in uncertain times.

Other brands have taken a more direct and actionable approach to communicate with Pret using Instagram to relay steps they are taking to aid health workers, offering free coffees and discounts, offering gratitude and solidarity in a time of chaos. Similarly, both big and small beauty brands like LVMH, BeYou and MontaMonta are using their factories to create hand sanitizers offering their services to combat the virus.

Your defining words

One common thread that runs through all the brand communication is the importance of community. From local gyms who are using InstagramLive to stream workouts or BrewDog who is creating an online bar to help people socialise to brands who are combatting loneliness, the community has become such an important message; 

But if there is a silver lining in this crisis, it is to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems.”

New York Times

So the question becomes: What will be your defining words?

Crafting a bold narrative is essential to caring for a brand and ensuring the long-term impact is a positive one. More than just a slogan or caption, use language to bring hope, gather connection and build a foundation which has strength and authenticity behind it. Here at Sheridan&Co we are adaptable, creative and understand the difficult position brands are in. We are here to listen. We are here to help.

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