November 6, 2019 /Design & Deliver

A Day Well Spent // Sheridan&Co and Naked Retail

Sheridan&Co and Naked Retail are announcing their first partnership centred around experiential, community-based initiatives in retail.

We are excited about the opportunity to combine everything that we have learnt and continue to learn in our constant endeavour to support brands in connecting with their customers with the Naked Retail team. We greatly respect for their clean approach to supporting brands who want and need an efficient and perfectly situated platform to introduce customers to their product offerings.

The A Day Well spent programme will run from January through to March 2020 and offer the wide-reaching community surrounding its Mulberry Street NYC location the support that they need after the holiday season to get back into positive, disciplined, clean living without the pressure that is coming from some parts of the wellness industry.

The platform will be transformed into an experiential journey that will not just present products to customers but demonstrate how these products can be easily incorporated into their lives by travelling through a metaphorical journey built around a single day in their lives.

A carefully orchestrated product and service-based offering that covers technology, food, nutritional supplements, clothing, mindfulness, skincare, sleep will offer the individual customer support from the moment their day starts. Through key moments ranging from their morning ritual, individual meals, workouts routines, time in their workspaces and with their families right through to winding down and decompressing at the end of the day and the moment they fall asleep.

A regular activation programme will offer the wellness community a platform to share and impart advice and support to those who are interested and passionate about the lifestyle that their efforts support.

The partnership is at its core is formed around a common determination to service both the brands that take part and the community that surrounds the store. It will be a must-visit for anyone aspiring towards healthy living and at the same time set an example to all brands how storytelling in retail and genuine intent to service their community can have a positive impact on their brand and its legacy.