November 1, 2017 /Industry


Used plastic

Reducing plastic consumption and use is a growing concern amongst consumers. So much so there is an international Zero Waste Week that commences of the first Monday in September every year. If a week isn’t enough, there is Plastic Free July.

Selfridges’ Project Ocean is in its seventh year of operation. The department store shares that nearly 400 million tones of plastic are produced in the world each year. This statistic is equivalent to the weight of the entire human race. And sadly, of that, roughly 10% is recycled.

Whilst not new, the need for zero-waste business models is pressing. Over September, we noted three innovative Zero-Waste concepts in retail and packaging. We share them here:


Lush believes in the power of naked innovations. 59% of plastic waste is due to packaging. At the retailer’s creative summit last September, packaging free body lotions and shampoos were being promoted through the theatre of instore showers. Dubbed as ‘naked’, the concept is hugely innovative and of course, entirely zero-waste.

Bulk Market

Founded by Ingrid Caldironi, Bulk Market is London’s first plastic free shop. The pop-up has over 300 hundred products including food, paper-wrapped loo roll and dog food. The store in Hackney requires that consumers bring their own containers, thus in the process courts growing desire for eco-friendly initiatives.

Earth Food Love

Launched in Devon by former Manchester United footballer Richard Eckersley and his wife Nicola, Earth Food Love was the first zero waste supermarket in the UK. Similar to Bulk Market, the produce has no packaging and requires that consumers bring their own containers. The vegan couple are hoping to open London and Birmingham stores in the future in a bid to encourage people to think more consciously about their consumption habits.