April 24, 2017 /Consumer


Meet Millennial Mums

Millennials are coming of age. They are entering their peak years and as they grow older, they are having children. According to PR Newswire, 9000 daily are becoming parents.

We have seen the proliferation of millennial targeted concepts within retail that experience driven and primed for digital interaction. Last year we saw stores such as Samsung 837 and the Estee Edit reflect this.

Yet, as Google presents the fact that more than 40% of the generation identifies as parents, are retail brands missing a trick? In 2016, the film Bad Moms took to the screens to reflect the emotional nuances and challenges that overworked mothers’ experience.

According to Stylus Curve, ‘Forbes highlights that “Millennial motherhood is big business these days” – and Bad Moms speaks directly to a generation bored of traditional ‘cutesy mum’ marketing. While 57% of millennial mums think they’re doing a good job (Pew Research, 2016), they nonetheless want to be treated like real people with flaws and foibles’.

Seeking to celebrate the imperfections surrounding parenthood, Stylus curve explored a #RefreshinglyHonest moments campaign created by drinks brand Honest Tea. Honest Tea collaborated with mum instagram influencer Jessica Shyba to ask her followers to share their imperfections surrounding being a parent.

Brands must therefore seek to deliver experiences that embrace and celebrate imperfection in order woe these parents into store. Whilst trading on imperfection is important, empathy is another tool that brands can embrace to interact with millennial parents.

According to Fromm, 50% of millennials seek to make purchase that support causes or charities. This is reflected in Millennial parents’ purchase choices. It is therefore important for retailers to consider how the consumer’s store experience can reflect this.

Millennials mums grew up with technology and are savvy users of social media platforms. 82% of this demographic prefer peer to peer advice concerning products and brands over in-store recommendations. As such, social media plays a pivotal role with regards to enticing this consumer into store.

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