April 16, 2018 /Industry

Milan Design Week

Today marks the start of the international furniture exhibition, Milan Design Week. Over the course of the next few days, we will study emergent trends that will manifest across the design industry.

Ahead of the show, we highlight emergent concepts that have captured our attention.

Following our blog post exploring why brands must create ‘We-experiences’, we are particularly curious to see MINI LIVING ‘BUILT BY ALL’. The automotive brand will be presenting a micro neighbourhood concept that examines a future of communal living. The space will invite guests to consider the relationship between designers and residents, and how to create a closer relationship between the two.

It was interesting to note that according to Dezeen, design and theatre looks to be an emergent trend. In light of the fact that service has overtaken product in driving brand differentiation, we are increasingly exploring ways to create retail environments that inspire sensory experiences. Trading on the allure of theatre, Lasvit is set to showcase an exhibit called Monster Cabaret.

Vegan design will be another theme to this year’s show, with Erez Nevi Pana exploring a future whereby materials are completely free from animal traces.

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