December 20, 2019 /Director's View

*No Trees Were Harmed in The Making of This Card

It’s almost a new decade! As we approached this new era, we are looking at our ethos, readjusting our values, and making changes. Conscious consumerism has been top of mind this year, and we understand that making small, simple changes adds up to make a big difference.

That’s why this year, instead of sending paper cards, we are donating to Tree Sisters to help their Reforestation Revolution. After our founder, Jules had a chance meeting with Clare Dubois, founder of the Tree Sisters collective, she was moved to get involved.

With a vision to “rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation”, Tree Sisters empowers women to take local and global action – a movement we are delighted to support!

Instead of posting paper cards, we are sending beautifully designed e-cards to deliver our best Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Our source of inspiration was understanding what makes our clients stand out. Each snowflake in the design represents an industry. From beauty to tech to food and beverage, we are experts at positioning your brand to stand out from the rest. 

This year, we have done our part to revitalise the highstreet, as brick and mortar stores make a comeback. Our knowledge, experience, and insight have let us help brands flourish, and we cannot wait to see what this new decade brings.  

So finally; From us to you: 

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the meaningful experiences throughout the next decade.