February 14, 2020 /Design & Deliver

Creating a One Stop Shop with The Nue Co

Healthy habits are integral to the success of your wellbeing, but only when the results match the routine. Welcome to The One Stop Shop. A pop-up store in the heart of Soho, New York, marking the launch of The One Daily Vitamin collection by The Nue Co.

Building a Power-Brand

Lead with your ‘why’. If you have walked through the streets of Soho in the last week you will have seen The Nue Co’s simple yet impactful billboard asking ‘How Are You, Really?’ launched just a few days before their pop-up. With a combination of influencer marketing and user-generated content, this physical tactic has gone viral online. Their products are expectational, packaged perfectly, with a strong website whilst now working alongside our team to create experimental, experiential retail experiences. They have a holistic view of their online and offline presence. It is companies like this, who do nothing by halves, that will thrive through turbulent times.

The One Stop Shop

The product is The One Daily, a collection of seven highly targeted natural vitamins that reimagine traditional one-size-fits-all vitamins. Customers can tailor their ONE DAILY plan through an online consultation and live support from experts in traditional and alternative medicine. 

Regular check-ins help modify individuals’ routines by tracking improvements and identifying new needs, for tech-enabled access to authentically holistic treatment. The pop-up is The One Stop Shop aims to further The Nue Co’s position as a lifestyle brand creating a space where people can discover, discuss and understand their products. The store will host collaborative events with Man Repeller, and Outdoor Voices, whilst celebrating their expansion into Nordstrom. This week-long retail experience aims to complement their digital growth, that continues to triple annually.

The Design

Think bodega meets art gallery. The One Stop Shop is a reference to the quintessential New York City corner-store, a place where New Yorkers go to grab their essentials, but elevated in a very ‘Nue Co’ way. Upon entering the store you will find white space punctuated with strong and somewhat quirky graphics reflecting the packaging of the collection. Each product in The One Daily collection has its unique arrow that references its function, a symbolic play on the physical benefits as much as a clever and iconic graphics tool that stands out. The front of the space showcases The One Daily collection in a wall of shelves, much like a bodega, though in this case, everything is white, keeping the focus on the new products. The products, their stories and their benefits are displayed here along with stock for purchase. Practical and principled.

Now we move into the store. In the central aisle are pedestals that hero each product, a nod to both art galleries and classic retail merchandising. The centre of the space features the rest of The Nue Co collection, ensuring shoppers can see the full breadth of their offering. Also in the centre of the space is a bar where shoppers can try products and be served unique beverages that complement and showcase The Nue Co products. The back of the space is framed by a large graphic mural composed with the iconic arrows that define all The One Daily products.  

This street-style piece is the backdrop to an open area that serves as both a lounge and event space. Along the left side of the space, the walls are plastered with floor to ceiling brand artwork in a wild style format, giving the space an immersive branded feeling.

Through footfall, brand awareness, creating community and Instagrammable moments, retail experiences executed correctly result in increased online sales, social media followers, database-growth and more. Are you ready to do things properly? Get in touch.

*The personalised nutrition and wellness market, which includes dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and functional foods, is forecast to be worth $50bn by 2025