January 14, 2020 /Design & Deliver

Pat McGrath Labs Lands in Selfridges, London

"At over 75 sq/m, the Pat McGrath Labs space at Selfridges Oxford Street is major. It's much larger than most sites on the beauty floor and is a testament to the influence of the Pat McGrath brand.”

If you have been into the Selfridges Beauty Hall on Oxford Street any time in the last two months you will have been stopped in your tracks at the golden glow of the Pat McGrath Labs site sitting at the top of the room like a shimmering halo. Sheridan&Co are proud to have worked alongside the Pat McGrath team on this extravagant mash-up of chic sexiness and baroque minimalism with a touch of electro-glam, this is a glimpse into the world of Pat McGrath. 

Gold-and-black furniture dominate the space, red digital tickers endlessly scroll across tables and walls and a shimmery gold sequined back wall frames the entire site. In concert with the frenetic videos that loop like transmissions from a future fashion show are neon logos and neon frames. 

Everything, together with the chrome robot Maria inspired by Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis that looms over the centre of the site, creates an otherworldly experience that, for a moment, makes you feel like you’re not on a beauty floor anymore but in a make-up members club.

An opulent vision, the space will bring you along on an epic creative journey amidst her most coveted and cult-worthy products.

On one aisle is a shrine to the iconic PML lip products – a complete lip destination with all lip products and a digital get-the-look library – and on the other aisle is the eye palette altar – a full collection of their eye portfolio with the packaging on display as much as the product. 


The entire PML collection is displayed on the interior of the site, in a gold-and-black array, like a twisted jewellery store with lights bedazzling the products. Beauty junkies and newbies are given many reasons to roam the space and encouraged to play and experiment with their newest look or to hit the grab n’ go back-wall to indulge their impulsive beauty desires.


You can’t help but stop and stare, even if only for an insta-moment.


The PML brand began as a digital brand, choosing to connect directly to consumers. Pat McGrath has an incredible reputation as a makeup artist and is considered one of the most creative and influential in recent memory. When she launched her brand she felt the best way to get her vision and energy across to her fans would be through social media. She was right. She rapidly built a massive fanbase and has millions of online followers. 


Ahead of the game, as ever, Pat recognised that she needed to be closer to her fans and began opening in physical retail locations. It all started in the States with Sephora as a quick way to establish a presence in key locations in major cities. As the PML brand grew, both digitally and physically, the UK was the next step and of course, the place that Pat chose to make the most impactful and powerful statement was in Selfridges Oxford Street.


The Selfridges site brief intended to give beauty junkies an intimate experience with the PML brand. For the first time, PML will have a full brand experience in a permanent space that gives them the opportunity to display their full collection of beauty products, drop new products in an impactful way, celebrate their iconic products and, perhaps most importantly, provide full makeup consultations (or in the words of Mother, a full-face fantasy) – a peek at the backstage Pat McGrath magic usually just reserved for those lucky few who happen to walk the runway.

“The colour scheme is chic and fine, a private club vibe meets a minimal Ritz Hotel."

Sheridan&Co Retail Designer

“Heavy on gold, the site blends polished gold with satin gold, ribbed gold with smooth gold with gold sequins. Glossy black lacquer and back-painted glass add an uber-luxe vibe all the while referencing the insanely wet look of the PML lipstick packaging. Lighting is critical, whether as a detail to focus attention on the product, or whether to add to the frenetic eye-catching illumination that punctuates the site. LEDs are embedded in each display, overhead lighting is present on all counters, back-wall LEDs provide a halo glow around the shimmering back-walls.”

The richness of colour, texture and movement invites you to stop, look, play and touch – indulge in a MAJOR moment.