June 5, 2018 /Retail Insight

Retail Stands for Something

‘Retail is more than just product’ has become a widespread mantra. At the Retail Design Expo, it was clear that a brand’s best product is their store experience. This really is an exciting time for brands to not only be creative, but to be thought leaders and change makers.

So what exactly is retail? Retail is about relationships. Brands can innovate by focusing on the relationships they have with their consumers. This came to life at London Craft Week at the start of the month, illustrating how retail can lay solid foundations to build communities.

Brands can truly innovate when they focus on human-centric design that fosters intimacy and creativity. Essentially, as designers, we are people first and therefore relationship-focused. When we design with intimacy in mind, brands establish partnerships with consumers.

They do this well when retail becomes a mirror, reflecting consumer values. As sustainability continues to shape the forefront of consumer attitudes, we caught up with the founders of Optiat to explore how trash can be a platform for brands within design.

On the topic of design, it is true when they say the eye must travel.

The world has been watching the rise of Afrofuturism which has been manifesting in architecture.  Largely inspired by science fiction, African music and art, we have seen explorations at Milan Design Week and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography.

As May drew to a close, Alchemy Oils relaunched their brand identity. Inspired by the Indian craftsmanship and the ancient Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling. Cosmetic Business details how we ensured the packaging reflected Alchemy’s brand values visually to create their new design. Because as always, great design reflects a story. It stands for something.