May 11, 2018 /Industry

Retailers Charm at London Craft Week

A week brimming with creativity and artistry, London Craft Week is an opportunity for brands to showcase their creative stories, heritage and expertise. Most importantly, the week that inspires the city’s imagination allows brands to deliver discovery driven retail environments that prize experiences.

Today’s commercial climate sees a landscape whereby a brand’s retail experience has overtaken product as key differentiator between competitors. As such, our retail strategy team works with brands to deliver customer experiences that are engaging and meaningful.

Examples of these include workshops, masterclasses, exhibition inspired experiences and panel styled discussions.

Throughout the week, we will see a ‘Meet the Maker’ session hosted by Anthropologie, whereby consumers can experience a workshop with an illustrator. Dunhill is collaborating with Hole & Corner to create a ‘Home of Craftsmanship at Bourdon House. Alongside a café, a screen room will come to life, demonstrating the brand’s creative hub of makers. Penhaligons is hosting a masterclass entitled ‘Hidden London’, inviting consumers for a drop in workshop to explore olfactive ingredients.

So what do all these events have in common? They enable brands to bring their stories to life in interesting and participatory ways. London Craft Week enables brands to share their values in a way that can connect to consumers to build lasting emotive engagement.

Key Takeaways

Prioritise experience over product. How can your brand trade on the USP of a physical space through service and human-focused engagement?

How can your retail environment deliver participatory moments that align brand stories with consumer values?

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