December 13, 2017 /Design & Deliver

Sheridan&Co Christmas Star Constellation Concept

Christmas 2017 Star Constellation Visual

With each project and relationship with clients we nurture, just like stars in the nighttime sky, we know that each one delivers a memorable impact. By working together, we work hard to ensure that their story shines bright.

As a credit to our clients, our employees and to all that have worked with us throughout 2017, this Christmas we reflected upon this sentiment as we considered our visual direction for the seasonal festivities.

As consequence, we created an ode to a nighttime sky to thank the wonderful clients we work with and employees for being a part of our community. This creative sky is made up of individual constellations and each one celebrates a story shared within our community from the year that has passed.

Throughout December, you will see our constellations and star stories brighten up our instagram, showcasing our creative community that we are proud to be a part of.

As we pondered the significance of our sky more, we contemplated the inherently romantic and hopeful nature of the art of stargazing. And as we find ourselves speaking the language of hope, we look forward to 2018 and working with our clients and internal teams to achieve success that knows no heights.

It’s been a really exciting year for us, working on transforming the retail identity of so many amazing brands.

This year, we have been involved in creating more queues than we’ve seen in our whole history, proving that brands willing to create really compelling statements are defying all fears about negative results in retail, in a generation so clearly hungry for experience. Here are some of our key projects that we’re proud to have worked alongside our clients to deliver in 2017:

Our Bucherer Bliss concept went live in Selfridges at the start of the month. We worked with the brand to convey their romance and heritage, no easy feat for one of the world’s most established fine jewellery brands. We’ve really enjoyed supporting Bucherer on their first UK concept, in London’s most sought after pop-up location, the Wonder Room at Selfridges.

Immediately before this, we supported Morphe in the design of a new brand identity, new packaging, and their first two stores. We worked alongside the team’s ambitions to elevate the brand to appeal to a new audience, while staying true to their committed followers and incorporate their brush heritage. The new Morphe logo was created to celebrate the founder’s humble beginning that started with recognising a gap in the market to sell high quality brushes for accessible prices.

Exclusive to Harvey Nichols, we worked with Kendo and Fenty to design a retail identity for Rihanna’s new make-up brand. Our work with Fenty was exciting, not only from the practical aspect of undertaking such an ambitious concept, with all stores installed on the same night, opening simultaneously across the world; it was also incredible to play a role in delivering one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and to have supported this amazing, game-changing brand, with its message of inclusivity. It was so wonderful to be a part of something with such a strong community that saw the Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols generating round-the-block queues, weeks after the brand’s launch.

Having worked with Clive Christian over an extended period on their retail strategy and identity, it’s amazing to start to see it come to life in locations like Selfridges, Harrods and the Middle East. Through the strategy, we were able to help Clive Christian create retail concepts that match the reputation and prestige of the world’s most expensive fragrance, in a way that’s scalable and practical, allowing the brand to globally increase their in-store presence.

We have really enjoyed continuing our work with Linda Farrow in rolling out retail concepts that blend the brand’s opulent style and elegance with innovation in many international locations, including Paris, Rome and Milan.

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has the most amazing following of kind, conscious consumers, so when we were asked to develop a global retail identity, it was important to ensure that Kat’s personality was reflected in every single detail – from the lettering, to the drawer pulls, to the wallpaper. We really enjoyed working with the brand (using sketches designed by Kat herself!) to help create a space that stands out against other brands, without losing any of the brand’s identity, and loved seeing the fans’ reactions, with people queuing in the rain to attend store launches across the UK.

Having worked with Urban Decay for many years, it’s been great to have the opportunity to further elevate their retail identity in their most premium locations, alongside the team at L’Oreal.

The importance of company culture across all offices is at the heart of Sheridan&Co.

Working as a family is what started our business and has driven our values from the beginning.  As such, our company culture rooted in communication and openness allows us to work together as a family.

Each week, Sheridan&Co co-founder Julien Sheridan sends emails to the entire company, that highlights successes by all terms, both professional and personal. Collaboration is at the heart of Sheridan&Co and Michael Sheridan will work closely with teams when he writes his monthly newsletters to relay his view on retail to our extended family.

Something we really love about our work family, is that everyone is so willing to help, including our co-founders who have spent some early mornings and very late nights (sometimes until 4am!) on-site this year, helping our wonderful fitting team ensure that installs go smoothly.

We are proud of internal culture. It is down to our teams that we are able to deliver the best work possible, and that’s why we look forward to process training, a time when each department has the chance to present their own internal process to the rest of the business. Traditions like this are not only a great way to get to know each other, but help us work better as a group, understanding the work of each team across the company.