June 25, 2018 /Trend

Slow Retail

Amidst a climate of information overload in which consumers are combating the stress of fast paced and high pressured lifestyles, store environments can provide an antidote.

Thoughtful retail can inspire consumers to press pause by creating slow experiences.

Dubbed as a ‘Live it slow store’, Restored in Amsterdam invites consumers to make a pause and connect with the subtle beauty of life. Designing with emotion in mind, the store aims to offer a calm contrast to the chaos that can transpire from daily pressures.

With a belief that simplicity can restore balance, the retail space is curated with ceramics, textiles, magazines and jewellery from small brands and independent designers. By targeting the emotional response, brands can fast-track to creating meaningful consumer engagement.

Noting this trend, innovation agency Stylus published that slow retail was prominent discussion at the Retail Expo in May.

Embracing slow, mattress brand Casper created a ‘Sleep World’ in their first permanent location in New York. Offering a per contra to the death of retail argument, the space has been delivered in a showroom format. Inspired by a gallery-like format, highly instagrammable and service driven, consumers can navigate the space through a series of rooms with different sound settings.

The store is a destination for connection, inspiration and exploration. 

Thus, the physicality of retail is advantageous and remains to be opportune for brands to be creative with their store experience.

Key Takeaways

Design with emotion. How can the context and content of your store experience be emotionally-driven?

Consider how to slow down your shopper journey through moments of intrigue, surprise and curiosity.

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