August 29, 2017 /Design & Deliver


Linda Farrow Popup Concession

Linda Farrow launched a pop-up concession in Galleries Lafayette earlier this month. Sheridan&Co is proud to have worked with Linda Farrow by developing the luxury sunglasses brand’s retail strategy for an international rollout into other stores globally over the next few years.

Sheridan&Co was tasked to blend the brand’s opulent style with innovation. Key design qualities included incorporating the brand’s elegant and understated hues, polished detailing and experimental shapes. In addition to this, it was essential that the pop up celebrated a timeless 70s vintage aesthetic in a modern style to keep the appearance fresh and exciting.

Linda Farrow Sunglasses Gallery in Popup Concession

"the design solution needed to exude luxury but in an elegant and modern way. It had to, in many senses, echo and extend the aesthetics of Linda Farrow’s eyewear to create an immersive brand experience."

Michael Sheridan, CEO and Founder of Sheridan&Co

A key part to the visual concept was to redefine how the products were merchandised. Confronted with this challenge, Sheridan&Co ensured the merchandising was clean and uncluttered to project a luxurious brand offering.

Sunglasses on display in Linda Farrow popup concession

Whilst the colour palette of the space embodies neutral tones, we worked with brand to experiment with texture through marbling, stone and brushed metallic. This allowed us to amplify the lighting within the space, which in turn elevated the presence of the sunglasses. The overall aim was to achieve an effect that embodies minimalism whilst nurturing a striking visual richness.

Michael Sheridan explains that ‘the store aesthetic very much embraces an earthly kind of luxury that explores texture and form in a manner that complements Linda Farrow’s designs. Molten metallics of liquid, brushed and rose gold offset by subtle hues of frosted oyster, shell and mink are installed in a tactile and glossy environment that beckons sensory and product exploration’.