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Standalone Store Design

As with any retail environment, when we are designing standalone stores we set the standards high. 

We have built our entire ethos around the passion we have for connecting people with brands concerned with doing good and used it to define a process that creates the kind of standalone stores that will be inspiring conversation within the industry at the same time as giving your customers a reason to visit and come back.

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With consumers being able to access products online, the role of the standalone store has become far more about about learning and building relationships. An environment in which people can come to connect with the brand for the first time. To discover and interact with products in ways that they cannot online. A place they can come to meet with others with shared interests with and learn what they can gain from a relationship with the brand beyond just the products themselves.

Now that we have moved beyond the speculated “death of retail”, we have transitioned into what we believe has the potential to become retails finest era. A period we celebrate the extreme challenge that has made us think so hard about the role of the standalone store and how we can offer experiences that connects with peoples innate thirst to interact and discover and explore.

This challenge has given us a new level of appreciation for the time that people dedicate towards experiencing an in person interaction with a brand. It has made us think hard about what people really need from a physical experience, what they cannot gain from an online interaction with a brand.

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In our minds the strategy behind the best possible standalone stores should answer a series of simple questions:

  • How do we inspire people to enter your retail space?
  • How do we immerse people in the brand on multiple levels and bring your brand values to the surface?
  • How do we genuinely help people discover products that are right for them?
  • How do we facilitate a seamless and memorable transaction?
  • What reason can we give people a reason to come back for future interactions?
  • How do we give people a reason to share their experience with others?


On the surface the questions sound simple. Answering them in a unique way that truly reflects your brand is a skill that requires vast experience in many different areas. From knowledge of people to how they interact with markets and products to constant research into innovation, sustainability and new materials.

On a more practical level – Finding the right balance between budget and quality is always an important part of the conversation and we work hard to provide options that get you to the right place for the initial launch as well as applying the same considerations for updatability and visual merchandising. Commitments and timelines are important to us and we guarantee that we will deliver all of our deliverables with them in mind.

During the process we tap into a vast range of in-house skills from Strategy to Design to Engineering and Manufacturing to Logistics. We use all of these skills and experience to create standalone stores that launch as well as they stand the test of time.

We respect whatever decision you come to but before you do we’d challenge you to really ask – in todays retail landscape is designing a beautiful looking space really enough?

Lastly, once you have made these significant investments in time, energy and cost, consider whether you’ll be happy with anything other than exceptional results.

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