What We Do

The passion we have for what we do defines us as a company.

With a genuine devotion for our clients, we create solutions that are tailored towards exceeding the aspirations of your brand. We can help establish ideas, develop plans and transform visions into a reality.

Standalone Store Design

A brands Retail Identity in it’s purest form. Here we bring the brand to life in an environment that is fully optimised for the space and the location.

Links of London Interior Design
Linda Farrow Interior Design
Feel Unique

Retail Concessions

We work with you through the process of fusing the Retail Identity with the Store Guidelines, always being sure to leverage any opportunities that your allocated space may present.

Aesop in Selfridges - London
Louboutin Retail Design
Monica Vinader

Pop-Ups & Promotions

We know how to make the most of an exciting opportunity within a limited time frame. Often promotional events you the perfect excuse to to shout a little louder and be a little bolder.

Morgan Lane

Visual Merchandising

Whether you are looking for a window display or in-store statement, we maximise impact no matter the parameters. We use a careful combination of product and display in order to attract and engage your customer.

Swarovski Windows

Point Of Sale (POS)

Often the brands retail statement in it's smallest form, we look to make the most out of the space to provide much needed education and encourage last minute purchases at the point of sale.

Robert Graham Presentation Box
Gucci by Gucci Fragrance
Elizabeth James Nirvana Presentation Box

Brand Identity

Whether you are looking to refine, re-invent or define your brand of the first time, we ensure that your branding is designed around the personality of the brand, resonates with your customer and functions at the moments that count.

Morphe Logo
Tails Cocktails Logo
High Logo


Using our experience in retail, we work with you to create packaging that does as much to is entice the consumer in store as it does to look good in their home. When we combine a compelling retail presence with strong packaging you see great results.

Morphe Makeup Packaging
Tails Packaging
KIN packaging

Brands we have worked with

Ready to do things properly?

If you are looking for assistance with store design, or would simply like to gain an insight into how Sheridan&Co can help your brand’s retail initiative.