SHERIDAN&CO Retail Design Work

Who We Are

Welcome to Sheridan&Co.

We are a global retail design agency whose experience, global reach and diverse expertise makes us totally unique.

We care about your brand, and your consumer. We protect what your brand stands for, whilst identifying and amplifying the parts that will make for unforgettable experiences.

By creating long-term partnerships with the brands we work with, we are able to guide them, helping to navigate through times of growth.

“My wife, Julien, and I set up the company in 1983 in Leicestershire and we now have more than 90 people working with us.”

Michael Sheridan

Why us?

We see ourselves as Brand Guardians, so we work closely with our clients to enhance the retail aspirations of their brands. Every brand is different so each one requires individual selling tactics; there is no one solution that fits all.

Michael Sheridan

“We manage projects based on the personality of the brand but also on the psychology of shoppers.”

Michael Sheridan


There is not much that we haven’t been asked to create in our thirty-five years of working in retail theatre, but we know that each project has one thing in common; growth. We have positioned ourselves to be a catalyst in the growth of any brand, whether this is by increasing doors worldwide, opening a first standalone, or simply igniting consumer love through exceptional brand storytelling.

Global Reach

We have implemented projects in every far reaching corner of the world. We know the nuances of specific markets, consumers and even store groups like the back of our hand, and we understand what it takes to get to know somewhere new. Wherever your sights are set, we are up for the challenge and will ensure that you remain relevant and distinctive; anywhere in the world.

And with offices in London, New York, Shanghai and Leicestershire, we work with a global approach that is efficient for our clients and enlightening for us.

Any problem can be solved using the materials in the room - Edwin Herbert Land

Diverse Expertise

We are the jack of all trades, and the master of each. Our collaborative 360° approach to design considers each project as a whole. Whilst our diverse team takes ownership of each stage (Strategy, Design & Deliver) it is collaboration that keeps the project fluid, effective, and full of innovation.

We will keep up with your timelines, and bring a project through to completion in the most optimised and efficient way possible. We understand that the demands and expectations of a brand are more intense than ever, and we strive to partner with all of our clients to meet these deadlines and expectations head on.

“We are a great team, working in an exciting industry undergoing perpetual change.”

Michael Sheridan

Some of our team

Ready to do things properly?

If you are looking for assistance with store design, or would simply like to gain an insight into how Sheridan&Co can help your brand’s retail initiative.